Cozy, Casual, Charming and Cost-effective!

Our mission at The Charming House is to bring balance, harmony and beauty to every home.

We are built upon our own “4C-Rule” philosophy: Cozy, Casual, Charming and Cost-effective! We transform homes with this unique perspective; creating spaces that are functional and family friendly for everyone.

Serving the Niagara and Southern Ontario regions, we provide Home Staging, Feng Shui, Professional Organizing and Decorating & ReDesign services. We utilize our years of customer service experience to offer premium service to every client.

At The Charming House, we understand the importance of Staging a home. Most buyers start making their decision about the home within the first six feet of entering it. It is critical that they like what they see immediately. Utilizing both our personal real estate experience, and the proven UltimateStager™ system, we create that great first impression!

We offer “one-stop shopping” Home Staging packages, as well as combination packages incorporating Feng Shui and Professional Organizing. The Charming House will stage any home, condo or space no matter how large or small, whether it is occupied or vacant.

Have you recently moved into a new home?

We can help you set up an organizing system right from the start. Looking to declutter? Feeling overwhelmed? A great place to start is by seeking help from the professionals. At The Charming House, we offer a full-suite of Professional Organizing Services.

We know how important it is to create a space with positive energy.

At The Charming House we use Feng Shui as an important tool in order to create a fresh, renewed, and energized space. We believe that Feng Shui is an extension of having a positive attitude; we bring this positive energy into your space and help you to rid your home of any negative energy.

Choose one of 14 Decorating Styles

We also have various options available to choose from to create that wonderful experience if you are looking to redecorate your space. At The Charming House we are able to decorate any room in one of 14 different styles. Let us help you transform your vision into reality!

At The Charming House, we beautify every home through Home Staging, Feng Shui, Professional Organizing, and Decorating & ReDesign. Let us transform your home, the “4C’s” way!