Our Story

Welcome to The Charming House!

My name is Maria Tomic, and I am the Charming founder and proud owner of The Charming House. I am certified as a Home Stager Professional, Feng Shui Specialist, Decorator, ReDesigner and Professional Organizer. Our mission at The Charming House is to bring balance, harmony, and beauty to any home.

After progressing through escalating roles in customer service management, I had an opportunity to start my own business. With the wealth of knowledge I had gained, I ventured out on my own. I established and built a successful technology-based business which I ran for over ten years. I realized though, that this was not a long-term desire for me. I felt I had accomplished everything I wanted to achieve at that time and moreover; I had realized that technology was not my passion!

At a young age, I always loved to move furniture around in my room and I loved to decorate and design a beautiful space. I am still that way today! In fact, in my free time and being a busy mom of two beautiful children, I always had the desire and would find the energy to re-arrange a room that I felt was not functional or inviting for family and friends.

My passion to design and decorate came from living and selling my first home. After all the compliments, the common response from all buyers and Realtors was on how beautifully the house was decorated and staged. This was the moment that I realized I had a natural skill for staging, decorating and design. Needless to say the home sold quickly and for more than we had anticipated.

At this point I enrolled in Ultimate Academy® and achieved my professional certifications in Home Staging, Feng Shui, Professional Organizing and Decorating & ReDesign. This enabled me to put my passion and skills to work with a proven system, allowing me to help others sell their homes with the same success. The Charming House was launched for this very purpose; to be able to beautify other homes and help other people make the most of their space, whether they are selling or living in it.